My name is Celeste Pajotte. I am an aspiring writer in New York City. I am a fortunate starving artist. Fortunate enough not to be physically starving and fortunate enough to be artistically famished. I always wish I was writing more. After all, what is an artist without an endless hunger for their art?

What is art without the desperate need to be produced- and not only a need to be produced but a need to be produced effectively? An artist’s job- to create art that evokes emotion and ignites change- is never done because in this world that is still in the making, there is so much to do. Change is brought about by an emotional need and understanding. What is art if not a vessel to bring forth an emotional response and reaction? It is through art artists change the world, and this world is far from finished. Hence, an artist’s job (and in turn, hunger for their craft) is never done.

With these steadfast ideals I graduated from the State University of Plattsburgh magna cum laude in May 2015 with a BA in English Writing Arts and minors in Marketing and Theater. I was also part of Sigma Tau Delta (The English Honors Society) and Alpha Psi Omega (The Theater Honor Society). I have interned in the editorial departments of Parent  Magazine, and The Saranac Review Literary Journal. I have also interned as a teaching assistant at Brooklyn Youth Company teaching acting and playwriting.

One of my greatest accomplishments was the production of Hell Hath No Fury. A moving play written and directed by myself (and put on by a brilliant cast and crew) that happened at various locations on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

When I am not writing  I am a concierge at a luxury hotel, staying up to speed on all the things that make this city magical, all the while keeping my eyes open for inspiration. This is where this blog comes in. I want to share the things that inspire me as an artist, my journey as a writer, my work, myself, with you.


as artists

as people

as we continue reaching past the stars

towards the endless heavens

let us make this world a wonderous place

that either of us could not have imagined on our own